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Step 1: Plug Jig into USB Port on a Windows Computer.
Step 2: Power the Jig on and the display on the jig should read “Mass Storage”.
Step 3: Open the folder on the jig and all the current Software Files will be shown.
Step 4: Delete ALL files currently on the Jig.
Step 5: Open the Zip Folder that you just downloaded with the newest Software Files.
Step 6: Copy ALL files and Paste them onto the Jig.
Step 7: Power the jig OFF and unplug from the Computer.
Step 8: Power the Jig back ON and the screen should display a message about new Software being loaded.
Step 9: Press the Black Button 1 time and the files will be officially loaded into the jig. (Once complete the newest SW Version will be displayed)

Service Jig training videos

How to update the refrigerator USB Jig (Updated March 2024)

uploading firmware to the service jig

Service jig "Auto mode"

Service jig "direct mode"

How to sign up for LGTA

LG ASCs can sign up for LG Tech Assist App access by emailing LG Technical Support. Each technician can email or the company can provide a list with the requested info.

We do recommend that each tech have an account.